Push Up Board

Color: Black
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Suitable for Fitness shaping/combination function/safety bearing/original design.
Innovative combination, free switching.
Push-up bracket + elastic belt, new sports CP, function innovation, effectively meet the abdominal, chest, hand, leg, buttock, back and other muscle group exercise needs.Tookfun
Push - up bracket to create an all-round 3D chest muscle
Push-up training is mainly aimed at the pectoralis major and triceps humerus. By adjusting the position of push-up bracket, it can stimulate the upper chest, the lower chest and the middle seam of the chest, and the extension of the chest, to create an all-round 3D chest muscle.
Push-up bracket + elastic belt, gameplay upgrade, unlock more training methods
Push-ups bracket features combined with the principle of elastic band, can effectively achieve strength, flexibility, stretching and other body movement.Upgrade the training function of the plastic retractor.


Scope of application: office, outdoor, home
Specification: 175*140*190
Applicable scene: fitness equipment, fitness body
Product material: ABS+TPR+latex
Product model: FED-XM0109
Category: Comprehensive training.

Package Content:

1 x Push-up Support Elastic Belt

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