Pet Water Bottle Drinking Bowl

Color: Sky blue
Sale price$25.61 USD



1. Small size, large capacity, water capacity up to 680ml
2. The product's wide sink design makes drinking water easy and convenient
3. The product designed with a silicone seal ring has good air tightness
4. Carrying methods such as hanging, carrying, holding and loading are suitable for pets to drink outdoors
5. The key-type water lock key will not leak when placed in the bag or hanging around

Product Information:
Material: Plastic
Color: sky blue, rose red, fruit green, orange

[Commodity color]: Fruit green, rose red, sky blue, orange

Material: water bottle PET water tank silicone
Capacity: 680ML

[Commodity size]: H205mm*Φ100mm

Plastic pet drinking bottle*1

JL1402 (1) JL1402 (9) JL1402 (11) JL1402 (3) JL1402 (4) JL1402 (12)

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