Perfume Vaporizers Bottled Bottoms Filled With Perfume High-end Travel Portable Spray Small Sample Empty Bottle Dispenser

Color: 9ML Black
Sale price$29.03 USD



1. Lipstick size. Say goodbye to big bottles of perfume
2. Small and multi-color, frosted texture
3. Upgraded direct charging without leakage
4. The upgraded filling valve has a durable seal
5. The atomization area is wide, fine and uniform without spraying water column
6. Direct charging at the bottom, convenient and no waste
7. Aluminum alloy shell atomizing nano-nozzle
8. You can use the adapter to press and dispense

Product information:
Product name: Light luxury perfume sub-bottling
Material: aluminum alloy + race steel
Size: 8.8x1.8cm/10cm
Function: perfume packaging
Capacity: 5ML/9ML

1. Open the pump cap of the perfume bottle
2. Open the inner liner of the sub-bottle
3. Repeatedly press and fill 80%
4. Filling is completed and the shell is installed

Packing list:
Perfume sub-bottling X1


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