Damascus knife Japanese VG10 kitchen knife

Color: Blue
Sale price$49.90 USD


Product Description

Name: XITUO 8 inch Damascus Steel Chef's knife

Full length: 32.38 cm (8 inches)

Blade length: 19.68 cm

Blade width: 4.3 cm (widest point)

Blade thickness: 2.00mm

Net Weight: 252g

Hardness: 59-60 HRC.

Material: 67 Japanese layers VG-10 damascus steel.

Handle: high quality G10 Handle.

Features: Strong and durable; Super anti-rust; light energy.

Material and crafts: Multilayer forging process of optical lens steel10Cr15CoMoV damascus heart.

Sharpness level: The cutting force level: 6.0-8.0 N international standards.

Packaging: Multilayer protection, shockproof, pressure protection, molding resistant

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